3rd May 2016

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Lemon Tree Accountancy is a brand new vision for the way businesses in Fermanagh/Tyrone look at their accounts.

The business was started by me, Donna Whyte.  I started working in accountancy right out of school.  I joined a small local accountancy firm and started off by doing the IATI qualification in the local South West College.  This gave me a fantastic grounding in the principles of bookkeeping, which I still see as key to my role today.

Working in practice was a steep learning curve, just about anything could be thrown your way.  One year a man called in who had never submitted a tax return for 7 years of self employment, and ALOT of plastic bags of invoices later I managed to prepare income and expenditure accounts for all 7 years and get his tax affairs straightened out!  Whilst I loved the variety I felt that something was missing, that I wanted to be MORE INVOLVED in the businesses for which I was doing tax and VAT returns for.  I felt like there was so much more to the profession, that we could really make a difference to businesses, helping them save money, perform better, improve efficiency and grow

So I made the move into industry late in 2007 whilst I studied CIMA – Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.  This qualification was made for me!  Not only does it teach you compliance for financial accounts, but it covers so much more…  From how to manage your staff, to management information, helping managers make better informed decisions and most importantly how to look forward.  Using our knowledge to create business plans, forecasts, budgets, cash flows…  These are the real tools that can help a business move from run of the mill to EXTRAORDINARY!

I never looked back!  Working in the hospitality industry since 2007, I would regard this as my area of specialty, but the beauty of the CIMA qualification is that it can be applied to just about any business.  I have worked for manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.

And so having just passed my final CIMA exam after a long tough slog! I decided I didn’t want to be working just for one organisation, why not help lots of businesses instead?  And Lemon Tree Accountancy was born.  I am determined to provide a fresh approach for my clients, working with them…not for them, being a business partner…not just a supplier.

If you want to know more keep an eye on the website for regular updates and posts about how we can help your business in more detail!

Thanks for reading

Donna Whyte