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We believe the key to managing a business better, is in the basics. That’s why we create a tailor made bookkeeping solution for any new clients. With the right information at your fingertips, you can achieve anything!

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Happy employees are productive employees. Make sure each pay day runs smoothly by letting us take on your payroll for you. And with Auto Enrolment just around the corner we can make sure you’re business is fully compliant.

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Management Accounting

If your used to your accountant looking at only historical information, get ready for something different! We focus on the future, of your business, performance and income. Packages start at just £200 per month – worth a try!

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We can help you apply for grant aid, bank loans, short term finance and overdrafts. And if you aren’t making the best use of funds already in the business, we can advise the most efficient way to get that money to work for you too.

donna whyte

Founder of Lemon Tree Accountancy
I want to make a big difference to small businesses in Fermanagh

A local girl, I have lived in Enniskillen my whole life. Starting my accountancy career in an accountant's practice, I felt like there was more to the profession than doing tax returns! Why wasn't everyone as excited by the figures as me? I decided to study CIMA because they are all about getting under the skin of business, not just sitting on the periphery looking back at historical performance but really encouraging growth through the right numbers! Perfect for me! CIMA has given me a solid foundation in not just accountancy, but business management and how when it all works together it can drive productivity and profitability. I believe that management accountancy shouldn't just be available to those businesses that can afford a full time on site accountant, I believe every small to medium business in Fermanagh deserves that input too. Welcome to Lemon Tree Accountancy and our way of thinking.

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